About Us

Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre grew up in the community of Kellyville. Longacre is a well-known and respected mixed martial arts fighter and still competes throughout the United States. He has recently opened his new Thunderkick Fitness in Jenks Okla. “It’s great to be back in the Tulsa/Jenks area and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation,” says Longacre. His goal is to benefit the martial arts community and help those who are trying to get in shape and set goals. Thunderkick Fitness offers a variety of classes, including Kids Karate (4 to 12 years), Beginning MMA, Advanced MMA, Cardio Kickboxing, and Personal Training and Fitness. When you see and talk with Longacre, you’ll know he practices the disciplines he teaches. Growing up in Kellyville, he has a strong connection to this area and wants to give something back to the community he loves. Thunderkick Fitness will be a great benefit to all area residents, giving young and old alike a great opportunity to learn MMA or Karate and experience the great feeling of getting into shape. One of Thomas passions is speaking to kids in surrounding communities on bully prevention and being the best they can be. He has spoke at Kellyville and Jenks schools and looks to do more in 2013. He also went to a juvenile detention center in Enid and spoke to the kids on making something of their future. Longacre teaches the styles he was raised on, which is a combination of Tae-Kwon-Do and Goju-Ryu. He and his staff also teach other disciplines that include boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and of course, MMA. “I want to combine all of these specialties into one to help my students become true mixed martial artists and able to handle any situation.” Thomas wants to challenge his students young, or old, not to be one dimensional. Some people think that mixed martial arts encourages violence, but in reality it does just the opposite. Students are taught to defend themselves if and only when they have no alternative. Longacre is currently focusing his attention on staying in great condition himself and making a success of Thunderkick Fitness. His focus is on helping others learn MMA, getting in shape, and having a wonderful time accomplishing weight and fitness goals. Drop by and meet Thomas and see what the buzz is all about at Thunderkick Fitness.